Website Design & Development

Comer Family Foundation

Project Goals

  • Restructure the site to highlight new content We shifted the primary focus of the site to the articles and stories, with a clear emphasis on the urgent issues that the Foundation supports in education, the environment, healthcare and culture.

  • Customize the article templates for simple content creation The prior site was built in Wordpress with a common template that required time-consuming hacks and manual formatting; the new templates were built in Craft CMS to allow editors to easily create both simple and complex long-form articles.

  • Create a visual design that complements the mission Building on current identity standards, the new design conveys visual message of clarity, urgency and positivity. 

  • Create custom templates to support the Comer Fellows The Comer Fellows are a group of climate scientists supported by the Comer Family Foundation. The new site allows for easy additions, edits and searching of Fellow bios, Comer Fellow Publications, Comer Climate Research Grants and Comer Climate Conference.

Before Redesign

Our Solution

The Comer Family Foundation site was designed to highlight the impactful work of grantees, as well as to provide a platform for education and advocacy around the issues and communities they support.

The custom timeline feature allows the site admin to add, edit and rearrange entries as needed.

The site features multiple editable content areas to promote the Comer Fellows, including searchable databases of Climate Research Grants and Comer Fellows Publications

For the CITY 2000 archive gallery, the admin can easily choose between a single image or a slideshow, depending on the available content.